Buddy Up & Save


Help Yourself And A Neighbor Save An Additional 10%, 20%, 30% . . .off your carpet cleaning bill. (Trigger warning: this could take up to two or three minutes.)

Here's why you can lower your cost: We bring in more revenue and help more people when we can stay in a small-ish area all day than when we drive from Waxhaw to Cornelius to Mint Hill to Pineville to Dilworth. (In the home services industries opportunity costs are considerable.) The funny thing is that the more money you help us save you and others the more money we make.

That's a win, win, win.



Here's how you can lower your cost and some of your neighbors costs (we hope):

1: Open a browser window and log into your neighborhood website. (If it is the Nextdoor.com website be sure and choose the option of posting your comment to all the neighborhoods in your network. (The more people you help the more we can help you.)

2: Copy and paste this (or post something similar to it) into it:

My name is Sally (first names are all we really need). I/We live in _____________(neighborhood). Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning is coming to clean our carpet. If you call them and book an appointment for just before or just after any appointment they already have set in our area and you mention my name they will give you a 10% discount.

3. If you post this and people mention your name you will get a 10% discount for every one of them who does!


That's all there is to it. It's word of mouth on steroids and a good thing about it is that you are not endorsing us (How could you until you see how great we are?!) You are introducing us. We can take it from there.

Get Happy Feet. You'll be glad you did.