Frequently Asked Questions



How long do we have to stay off the carpet when you finish?


No time. Zero minutes and zero seconds.  You can walk on it immediately. Really. In 90% of jobs the carpets will dry in three to seven hours and the reason you can walk on them immediately is because our plant-based cleaning formula prevents wicking.

About how long will this take? 

Three or four areas take an hour or less in most cases. Five to ten basically doubles the time, usually. We go fast but we don't hurry. 

About how much is this going to cost?

Less than we will be getting before long but this much this month:

Can you tell me about your method?

Ours is a low-moisture, friction method which allows us to get carpet cleaner using our state-of-the-art, plant-based, natural oils  and alcohols cleaning formula, than other companies can get it and causes it to stay clean hundreds of percent longer than it can with other companies.

How good are you at getting out stains?

Really good. Really, really good! In fact, our state of the art, plant-based cleaning formula gets out more stains of all kinds than other companies can. Please take note that dye is dye. Once you get dye into a fabric you cannot get it out without bleaching the fabric. We will not bleach it for you but if you would prefer a bleach spot to a dye stain, we can tell you which ones are from dye because those will be the ones we cannot get out! Let’s talk about your individual needs. Call now! 704-921-0380