Our Technology

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Meet Randy. Randy created our unique, plant based cleaning solution.

Randy Rayborn is the reason Happy Feet Carpet Cleaning gets carpet cleaner than it has been since it was new and gets carpet to stay clean closer to a year than to two months.

Randy is a scientist. He creates molecules.

In a laboratory in Atlanta in 1985 he created the molecule that makes Spandex wick sweat away from athletes’ bodies through the fabric to its surface so that the air can keep them drier than they used to be wearing cotton and nylon. He created our state of the art, plant-based, natural oils and alcohols cleaning formula with the opposite properties. Our product deep cleans carpet and prevents the dirt in the backing of the carpet from wicking back up to the top. That’s it. That’s what separates us from the competition. From them you can buy two or three months worth of clean carpet. From us you can buy about a year’s worth of clean carpet. Get Happy Feet. You’ll be glad you did.